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Our Story

The British Emporium is a family business and is exactly what it says: a one-stop-shop where you can buy every conceivable product, confident in the knowledge that it has been made in Great Britain.

Why we are doing this

Over the past thirty years or so, retail buyers in Britain have gradually moved their product sourcing to the Far East, to obtain cheaper and often poorer quality alternatives. We have become increasingly dismayed by labelling intended to give the ‘impression’ that these products are still being made in Britain. Typical misleading phases used by many iconic brands include: “Designed in Britain“, “British Heritage”, “Great British Design”, “British Innovation”.

Great Britain has a global reputation for excellence in innovation, design and manufacturing. We intend on being this country’s biggest and best known shop window to the world.

Our guiding principles are honesty, integrity, authenticity and responsibility.

Honesty & Integrity

In our stores and on our website, you will only see “Made in Great Britain”, so you can be rest assured of product origin.

We will always be open about where a product has come from.


We believe in the skills of the people of Great Britain and we love the quality products that they produce. From long established household names, though to emerging new manufacturers and individual craft producers.

We will stock enticing ranges, not only reflecting our colourful heritage and wonderful traditions but also exciting new lines which showcase the best in contemporary design.

Our products will be well made, made in Great Britain and at all price points. From a humble pencil to a handmade designer watch, there will be something for everyone.


Concern for the world we live in should be an integral part of every business. We believe in paying that little bit more for something that lasts. Good design combined with quality materials results in products that stand the test of time.

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British Made

Free delivery over £50

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